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Three Shillings


Colonial Currency


The bottom signature is of Honorable John Stevens Jr who was the Treasurer of New Jersey at the time of the printing.

Twenty-fifth issue, March 1776, totaling L125,000, of which L25,000 was to replace old bills and the balance used for Loan Office purposes. Called in by January 1, 1780. Printed by Issac Collins on mica-flaked paper watermarked NEW JERSEY. The faces of the notes were printed in red and black.

Printing from a cast made directly from a leaf was an invention by Benjamin Franklin, who realized that it is more difficult to copy a print from nature than a drawing done by man's hand. Counterfeiting nevertheless continued as a widespread annoyance to early finances.


1776, March 25th


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"Three Shillings," in Stevens Digital Collections, Item #93, (accessed June 20, 2019).

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