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Indenture of John Stevens (I)


“This Indenture made and Concluded on this Six and Twentieth day of February Anno Dm 1699, and in the Twelfth Year of the reigns [sic] of William the third King of England &c, Between John Stevens Son of Richard Stevens, late of the parish of St. Clement Dane in the County of Middx [Middlesex] of the one part and John Cosans of the parish aforesaid Gunmaker [sic] acting for and in behalfe of his Son Barna [Barne] Cosans of the City and Province of New Yorke in America Gentleman of the other part Witnesseth That the said John Stevens by and with the Consent of his parents witnesses to the presents Doth promise with the first Opportunity of Shipping to Transport himselfe for New Yorke aforesaid where being Arrived Shall during the space of Seaven Years to be accounted from the date hereof the said Barna [Barne] Cosans will faithfully and truly serve, his secrets keep, his lawful Commands every where gladly Doo, hee [sic] shall doo noo [sic] Damage to his said Master nor see it to be Done of Others but to his power Shall lett [sic], or forthwith give notice to his Said Master of the Same, the Goods of his Said Master he shall not wast [sic, nor lend them Unlawfully to Any Hurt to his Said Master hee [sic] shall not doo [sic] cause or procure to be done, hee [sic] shall neither buy nor Sell without his masters License, Tavernds [sic, Taverns] Innds [sic] or Alehouses he shall not haunt, All cardes Dice Tables or any other unlawfull [sic] Game he shall not play, Nor from the service of his Said Master Day nor Night Shall absent himselfe [sic], but in all things, as an [the word “honest” apparently was written on a bit of paper that’s missing in the photo of the original, but provided by Francis Bazley Lee in Genealogical and Memorial History of the State of New Jersey. Only the letters “h” and “o” appear in the photographed original.] dilligent [sic] and faithfull [sic] Apprentise Shall and will demeano [demeanor] and behave [Only the letters “beh” appear in the photo of the original. This word was provided by Lee in his history, noted above.] himselfe [sic] towards his said Master and all his during the Said Term. And the Said John Cosans on behalfe [sic] of the said Barna Cosans Doth Covenant and promise that he the Said Barna [Barne] Cosans his said Apprentise in his Art or practice of a Lawyer or Attorney which he now Useth [sic] Shall teach and Instruct or Cause to be taught and Instructed the best Way and Manner that he can finding and providing for his said Apprentise meat Drink Lodging Washing and all of Appareell [sic] hoose [hose] & Shoes during the said terms of Seaven Years. And to the performance of all and every The Covenant aforesaid Either of this Said parties bindeth [sic] himselfe [sic] unto the other firmely [sic] by these presents. Jn [unknown abbreviation] Witnesses hereof the said parties have hereunto put their hands and Seales As Day and Year aforesaid.

“Sealed & Told in the presence of Us
Going first Duely Stampt
John Cosans [wax seal]
Sara [or Lara] Collingwod
Thomas Collingwood
Edmund Fuller [or Ruller]
E exc: Jenkins [hand drawn seal] ofs [or obs]”




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