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Colonel John Cox 1752-1793; He was a son of William and Catherine (Longfield) Cox, of New Brunswick, N.J. He was a Lieutenant-Colonel of Philadelphia Associates, a militia organization, at the battle of Princeton, but was later commissioned a Colonel in the Continental Army, and appointed Quartermaster General under General Nathan Greene. He owned the iron foundry at Batsto, and the rolling mill at Mount holly, both in New Jersey, which supplied the Continental troops with munitions. He was a member of the Legislative Council 1781-1782.

While in Trenton the family made their home in "Bloomsbury Court." On November 15, 1760, he married Esther Bowes, his second wife, daughter of Francis and Rachel (Le-Chevalier) Bowes, and had six daughters, who were known as "The Six Lovely Coxes" and as "The Cox Beauties."

Colonel John Cox died in Philadelphia on April 28, 1793.


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