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The globe, presumably of pasteboard covered with plaster of Paris, has a map of twelve gores printed from engraved plates and colored. The globe is set upon a polar mounting above a calendar plate, which represents the elliptic circle. However, the plate on this mount is not inscribed with circles of months and days, nor degrees and signs of the zodiac like most period pieces. There are two dial plates with gear wheels that cause the pointer to move across the dial when the globe is rotated. The dials are divided into twice twelve hours, and each hour into five minutes. Below the calendar plate is a moveable arm, which when set to the day, points out the sun’s place in the elliptic. At one end of the arm is a pillar with a brass ball representing the sun with a wire pointer representing a ray of light. At the other end of the arm is a second pillar, opposite the sun, supports a vertical circle that shows the limit of the illuminated part of the globe. The parallel circle surrounding the globe represents the limit of twilight.


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Sold by W&S Jones, "Terrestrial Globe," in Stevens Digital Collections, Item #273, http://librarycollections.stevens.edu/items/show/273 (accessed June 1, 2020).

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