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One version of the Barth slide rule, first developed at Bethlehem Steel around 1899, which permitted cutting speeds dependent on many variable to be calculated quickly.

Time Study-Eastern Manufacturing Company

Drawing of the F.W. Taylor's time study process.

Application of Scientific Management to shoveling.

Portrait of Frederick W. Taylor, father of Scientific Management.

Found at Warka. This is a votive tablet made by the priests of the Ishtar Temple and sold to the visiting female pilgrims, who in turn presented it to the temple.

The inscription read: "For Sin-ga-shid, the mighty hero, King of Erech, King of…

Found at Warka, the ruin city of the ancient city of Erech, mentioned in Genesis 10:10. This is a votive, cone-shaped phallic symbol, made by the priests of the temple of the Goddess Ishtar, the Goddess of Love, and sold to the visiting pilgrims who…

Found at Jokha. A temple record, sealed and dated about 2350 B.C.E.