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Frederick Taylor at 2 years of age.

Images of Frederick W. Taylor:
Age 2 years, 7 months
Age 11 years, 5 months
Age about 14
Age about 17

The Taylor family, around 1903. Lou and Fred, with Kempton in front, Robert at right, Elizabeth in the back. The children's brother, not adopted by the Taylors, was Conrad Aiken, the poet and novelist.

Left to right: Frederick Winslow Taylor, Issac Winslow (grandfather), Edward Winslow Taylor (brother), Franklin Taylor (father), Emily Winslow Taylor (mother), Mary Newbold Taylor (sister, later Mrs. Clarence M. Clark).

Henry Noll, or Knoll, or Knolle, but to the world best known, through Taylor's tale of him in The Principles of Scientific Management, as "Schmidt." He is probably the most famous laborer in the world, generations of business students having heard…

Frederick Taylor in his Midvale days. Taylor is pictured at about 30 years of age.