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Born September 24, 1785, at No. 7 Broadway, New York City. He was the Eldest son of Colonel John and Rachel Cox Stevens. On September 27, 1809 he married Maria C. Livingston, of New York, but had no children.

He was known as the sportsman of the…

In the rear of the group is the large stone wall that John Stevens (II) constructed around his estate.

The schooner was designed by George Steers for a syndicate of New York Yacht Club members headed by Commodore John Cox Stevens . The syndicate comprised Stevens, Edward A. Stevens, George Schuyler, Hamilton Wilkes, and J. Beekman Finley.

On August…

May (Brady) Stevens married Charles Albert Stevens, a son of Edwin A. Stevens (I). She was a Society Lady of New York City.

Edwin A. Stevens (III), the second child and son of Colonel Edwin A. Stevens and Emily C. Lewis Stevens, his wife. born August 15, 1882; Died December 1, 1954.

Helen Ward Stevens, wife of Basil M. Stevens, dressed as Elizabeth Alexander, wife of the Honorable John Stevens II.

The gown belonged to Martha Bayard Dod who was married to Edwin A. Stevens, founder of Stevens Institute of Technology

Helen (Ward) Stevens with daughter Emily and son Edwin.

Born in Paris, France, May 23, 1868, a son of Edwin A. and Martha Bayard (Dod) Stevens.
Richard attended the Stevens High School during the scholastic year 1880-81 and then entered St. Paul's School at Concord, N.H. from which he was graduated in…