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This Act was signed by Honorable John Stevens (II).

A call to the Freeholders and Freemen of the City and County of New York to select a twenty member council as a Provincial Convention. The council was considered for the growing anxiety, confusion and disorder in New York City prior to the American…

This is an article from the New York Post describing Colonel John Stevens' steam carriage at Hoboken.

John Stevens (III) and the Little Juliana featured in Scientific American.

A notice in the New York Times detailing the running of the steamboats Hoboken, Pioneer and Fairy Queen.

Description of visiting Robert Fulton and Fulton's recollection of John Stevens (III).

John Cox Stevens died on Wednesday, June 10 1857. He was 72 years of age.

A general description of the will for John Cox Stevens estate. John Cox Stevens was the eldest son of Colonel John Stevens and was the Commodore of the Yacht America in…

An abstract of the Title for the Church of the Holy Innocents located in Hoboken New Jersey.

Bond belonging to Martha B. Stevens.

Letter to W.W. Shippen from Sophia C. Stevens