Castle Stevens


Castle Stevens, Castle Point, Hoboken, N.J.
Building of the Castle commenced about 1853 by Robert Livingston Stevens, a son of Colonel John and Rachel (Cox) Stevens, and finished about six years later. Robert died before the house was completed. Edwin Augusts Stevens, his brother, lived there in his stead becoming the "First Master of the House."

The Castle was of brick stuccoed resembling an old fashioned manor house. The contained several rooms and was surrounded by a square tower which commanded an excellent view of the Hudson River and New York City.

Many were the guests from near and far of the most prominent people, not to forget the humble people which were entertained at Castle Stevens. When Edwin Augustus Stevens died in 1868, Mrs. Stevens resumed full responsibility of the Castle, until her death on April 1, 1899. According to her Will the Castle was to be bequeathed to her eldest living son who at thattime was Colonel Edwin Augustus Stevens (II). On May 27, 1911, Colonel Stevens presented the Castle to Stevens Institute of Technology.

It was the people of Hoboken who early gave the name "The Castle."


  • Stevens Institute of Technology